A Little Pianist
Piano Pieces Book 1


A Little Pianist Piano Pieces Book 1 introduces the young child to the first steps of piano learning with: Clefs, Lines, Time Signature, Stave, Finger Numbers and positioning of both the hands and fingers; supported by attractive illustrations and fun activities to stimulate the child’s musical interest. First-time learners are introduced to the Middle C alongside meticulous techniques coordinating both hands as well as the fingers and position of the arms and shoulders. In Book 1, the child explores musical melodies ranging from Treble Clef Middle C to G notes (high) and Bass Clef Middle C to F notes (low). Several Time Values such as Semibreve, Dotted Minim and Crotchet Rest amongst others are cautiously presented in welcoming the young beginner. Every new note and the corresponding alphabet is highlighted in red on the keyboard and stave to enhance focus towards playing and enjoying the musical pieces. Book 1 encompasses a smooth learning progression that promises to enlighten as well as inspire many a young musical mind.

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